Garmin appears to respond to Apple Watch Ultra comparisons with thinly-veiled tweet

The company posts a subtle dig at Apple's new outdoorsy smartwatch
Garmin takes swipe at Apple Watch Ultra
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Garmin has spent the best part of the week involuntarily sharing the limelight with the Apple Watch Ultra, announced at the Cupertino company's 'Far Out' event.

Now, the company appears to have responded to claims from some corners that Apple is coming for its throne.

In a tweet from the company's official account, it appears to take a subtle dig at the Apple Watch Ultra's 36-hour battery life - noting that it prefers to measure its battery life by months, instead.

In the attached images and the hashtag, Garmin also features the new Enduro 2 - the watch it specifically aims at the same set of ultra-endurance athletes Apple appeared to target in its Watch Ultra unveiling.

It's all relatively subtle stuff, of course, but there's very little chance, we think, that Garmin has put this out by coincidence.

As we noted in our Apple Watch Ultra hands-on review, the Apple smartwatch can't yet seriously compete with any dedicated sports watch, such as the ones offered by Garmin. And, in that sense, the snark is justified.

On the other hand, it's also fair to think that Garmin should be pretty worried about Apple encroaching on its space - even if the battle won't truly begin for a few more years.

In a way, this already has the air of Apple's previous rivalries, such as the one with traditional watchmakers after the Apple Watch first launched, and, more broadly, Windows and Google's Android.

Historically, Apple hasn't done too badly in this kind of matchup, but only time will tell whether the Ultra will break through.