This Supa Powered smart sports bra is a mash up of neon, heart rate and AI

Sabine Seymour's latest fashion tech endeavour is a connected racerback bra
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The smart sports bra scene is starting to get crowded. But we're pretty sure there's room for Supa, a new New York based AI startup and its new Supa Powered Sports Bra.

The bra itself costs $120 but in order to start training with heart rate, you also need to pick up the $60 Supa Reactor module, which attaches to the fabric of the bra. It's a nice affordable system that also includes the $30 Supa Powered Strap and all the pieces have tons of personality with big neon lettering and a range of styles: stripes, mix and colours.

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The circular Supa Reactor itself has an integrated heart rate sensor, is 1.44-inch in diameter and weighs just 9.4g. The idea is that you take it out when you wash the bra, which is 95% polyester, 5% lycra, in the machine.

This Supa Powered smart sports bra is a mash up of neon, heart rate and AI

It's water resistant and connects to your phone via Bluetooth where your workouts are tracked by the Supa.AI app. We're not sure yet whether the HR tech was built in-house or Supa is working with partners.

The Supa Powered bra comes in small, medium and large. It's labelled as 'coming soon' on Supa's website and if you're interested, you can sign up to the waitlist with at least 2 - 3 weeks for manufacturing.

Supa was founded by fashion tech expert Sabine Seymour and plans to use its "invisible biometric sensors" and AI platform to track and analyse things like UV levels too. It's also selling a bunch of non-smart clothing in the form of neoprene surf sweaters, onesies and tote bags. Plus it worked with Unicef's Wearables for Good scheme on a wearable sensor kit for pregnant women in Ethiopia.

It's nice to see a new lifestyle fashion brand that's selling its smart clothing alongside dumb items, at a similar price. We'll be keeping an eye on this lot.

This Supa Powered smart sports bra is a mash up of neon, heart rate and AI

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