MOTi wants to be the ultimate gym workout wearable

UPDATED: Activity tracking, rep-counting, device lands on Indiegogo
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MOTi, an activity tracker that wants to be your ultimate gym buddy, has just hit Indiegogo, with a July launch date not only planned - but guaranteed.

That's the promise from J-Mex, the Taipei-based company behind the multi-activity tracking wearable, who claim that it has the production line and manufacturers already sorted and the crowdfunding campaign is simply to improve the user experience and create a greater fitness community.

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The MOTi device itself is an aluminium unibody core, with an LED lit edge, that attaches to a lightweight, water-resistant and sweat-proof strap that is made from a similar material to a wetsuit.

It can be worn on the wrist, bicep, thigh or ankle and, rather than simply tracking steps, is designed to decipher and record a number of different gym based workouts. It's capable of measuring more than 25 activities including pull-ups, sit-ups, barbell rows, bench arm lifts and squats.

To do this it uses inertial measurement unit sensors to detect movement and force of motion, combined with an algorithm to workout exactly how you are working out.

It’s aimed at “hardcore fitness enthusiasts” and it not only counts reps and intervals, it also monitors muscle quality – much like the GymWatch.

“As a person who really cares about my health, I want to track and understand my body more than from running, but how my workout affects my body and muscle quality...and at the same time learn new ways / workouts to improve and motivate myself to be better,” explained Eric Ni, CEO of J-MEX.

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As well as the work-out tracking, MOTi offers users a wealth of personalised workouts from fitness trainers who can tap into the open, MOTi Coach platform and the MOTivator side of the app puts wearers in direct competition with each other. So there’s plenty of incentive to push on through the pain barrier.


J-MEX is looking for $45,000 in funding, with a $79 pledge enough to nab you an early bird special.

As mentioned, shipping is “guaranteed” for July and the device is available in four, brilliantly named, colours: McLaren Flash, A Grape Affair, Victoria's Secret Hot and Shades of Grey.

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