​Basis Peak users rejoice: Notifications now available

Calls and messages but no third party notifications on your wrist
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The Basis Peak's smartphone notification features have finally arrived, three months after its initial release.

The Intel-owned company launched the Basis Peak in the US back in September, and while its advanced optical heart rate sensor was the jewel in its crown, users were promised that smartwatch notifications would arrive in December. These were then subsequently delayed until January.

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The Basis Peak will now display calls, SMS and calendar updates, as well as Basis specific notifications – however, there’s no support for any third party applications, which is guaranteed to irk users of Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

The notifications are also unique in that each lasts for five minutes before being automatically wiped from the watch. Basis says is to minimise clutter and prevent overload.

The painfully slow release of the notifications update has backfired on Basis, which has seen significant user angst on its forums. Another vocal section of users have also been calling for data export from the Peak, and Basis has duly delivered on that, too.

Basis users can now download logs of minute-by-minute data, including calories burned, heart rate, steps, perspiration and skin temperature.

The Peak hasn’t had the easiest of inceptions, and question marks still remain around syncing issues, which has caused a swathe of negative feedback on Amazon.

However, our early testing has shown the Basis Peak to be supremely accurate as a heart rate sensor. Hopefully, this can be a fresh start for the Peak, and expect our full verdict – with notifications – in the coming days.

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