​New Titan Juxt Pro smartwatch launches in India with beefy specs

Indian watchmaking powerhouse launches fully-fledged smartwatch
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Indian watch giant Titan has released a new version of its Juxt smartwatch collaboration with HP, and this time it's challenging Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

While the previous Titan Juxt smartwatch was an analogue device with hidden fitness smarts, the Juxt Pro heralds a 1.3-inch, 360 x 360 circular watch face with a 278ppi display adorned in Gorilla Glass 3. Encouragingly, there's no hint of a flat type panel at the bottom of the screen, which mars the perfect circularity of the Moto 360 2015 and The Fossil Q Founder.

The watch is Intel powered, with a 1GHz dual-core on board – which is slower than a lot of its rivals, but when have we ever cared about smartwatch processor speeds?

​New Titan Juxt Pro smartwatch launches in India with beefy specs

The touchscreen controls Titan's own OS, which handles notifications from the full range of Android and iOS apps including WhatsApp. It also supports phone finder, calendar notifications, music, weather, camera and more. It remains to be seen how usable the OS is in the real world, but early signs look promising.

The Juxt Pro is water resistant to 3ATM (which is in the range of 30 metres) and features a 36 hour battery life. It will also charge to 100% in 70 minutes.

It's an impressive array of specs and it's encouraging to see Titan expand its wearable tech offerings off the back of the original Juxt release. It's part of an increasing number of smartwatch launches outside of the traditional tech powerhouses, with the Ticwatch 2 and CoWatch both launching with their own operating systems. Unlike those two brands, however, Titan has the might to make an impact with its latest device – in the Indian market at least. There's no news of when it might reach US or European shores.

The Titan Juxt Pro has just earned an Indian release, priced at Rs 15,995, which is around .

​New Titan Juxt Pro smartwatch launches in India with beefy specs

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