Samsung is building a round Tizen smartwatch

So long CES, the Mobile World Congress rumours have started already
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We try not to deal in rumours too much here at Wareable but some reports out of tech blogs and anonymous sources just sound too true not to be well, true.

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Samsung is reportedly working on its first round smartwatch to launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the trade show dedicated to smartphones, tablets and now wearables which runs the first week of March 2015. It doesn't have to be round or bust - as the Asus ZenWatch shows - but we agree that Samsung needs to move away from its current Gear Live-style design.

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The move makes sense as both Motorola and LG have launched round Android Wear devices that have been lauded by the tech press as better looking and more wearable than any Samsung Gear watches.

The leaks, reported by SamMobile, also suggest that this new 2015 Samsung smartwatch will run Tizen, like the Gear S. Again, we wouldn't be surprised - Samsung is not sticking to Android Wear, not it seems is LG with its latest Audi collaboration shown off at CES.

The watch is apparently codenamed the Samsung Orbis but apart from the form factor and OS, we don't know a lot else about it. Previous patent images, like the one illustrating this story, suggest that Samsung may introduce new interaction controls in the form of a focus ring-style functionality to cycle through options on screen.

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A lot of fuss was made about the Apple Watch's digital crown but if Samsung manage to get this feature right in their next wearable, we could definitely see ourselves using it.

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