​Realme Watch 2 Pro gets supersized with huge screen and GPS

1.75-inch screen is a beast
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Realme has released another new smartwatch, with the Realme Watch 2 Pro getting unveiled in Malaysia. And while it packs in a superior screen and expanded features, it’s still firmly a sub-$100 smartwatch.

It comes after the release of the Realme Watch 2 last month, but gets a humdinger of a 1.75-inch screen. It retains the square design, but the resolution is upped to 385 x 320 pixels. The screen is 600 nit and 56% larger than the standard Realme Watch 2.

It also gets built-in GPS, which is missing on the standard Realme Watch 2.

To make use of the extra screen real estate, Realme has teamed up with a South Koran artist called Grafflex for exclusive watch faces. His are a small part of a 100 strong selection, that should offer plenty of customization options.

​Realme Watch 2 Pro gets supersized with huge screen and GPS

The battery size has increased too, as you’d expect. It packs in a 390mAh battery (up from 315mAH), which surprisingly only bags you an extra two days. The quoted battery life is now 14 days, up from 12 days on the standard Realme Watch 2.

The rest of the ensemble of features is the same. You get fitness tracking, 90 sport profiles (although these will be added in a future update), SpO2 for blood oxygen tracking and a heart rate monitor.

The new Realme Watch 2 Pro is heading to Malaysia first, which was also the first destination of the standard Watch 2. The Watch 2 Pro will cost RM299 – which is roughly $72. The Watch 2 went on sale for RM 229 ($55), although it hasn’t landed in the West as yet.

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