OnePlus OneWatch pictures leaked, we really hope this is real

Looks like the Moto 350, straight out of Shenzhen
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Exclusive pictures have surfaced of a new smartwatch, supposedly made by Chinese manufacturer OnePlus.

The company has been one of 2014’s success stories in the smartphone market with its smartphone, the OnePlus One, which has received rave reviews despite costing a fraction of flagship handsets from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Apple.

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The Onewatch was uncovered by BGR India, and if it turns out to be a real thing, it could be a huge disruptor in the industry. Like the much-anticipated Moto 360, it features a classic wrist-watch circular design, and the annotated diagram which also has been leaked points to an OLED screen, titanium body and a leather strap.

OnePlus OneWatch pictures leaked, we really hope this is real

Another coup is the “QI technology”, which implies that the OneWatch would be able to charge wirelessly – a nice alternative to the fiddly cables and docks that are our wearable bugbears on similar devices.

Of course, there are some all-important, unanswered questions.

There’s no indication on the software the OneWatch runs on. We’d love to see it use Android Wear and go toe-to-toe with the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 and LG G Watch. However, the likelihood is an Android fork, and that would limit functionality and require on-going support to keep it stocked with apps.

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The really exciting thing about OneWatch entering the smartphone market is if it can emulate what it achieved with its smartphone. Dubbed the "flagship killer" the OnePlus One boasts top-end specs, for half the price of a Sony Xperia Z2. However, OnePlus hasn't managed to nail the supply and distribution, and only sells through its own website.

So while the OneWatch could end up being a similar showcase of Chinese manufacturing prowess, whether you'll be able to get your hands on one is another matter entirely.

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