Mobvoi confirms upcoming health watch that can study your arteries

Could be the TicWatch GTH+
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Mobvoi has revealed it’s working on a secretive forthcoming health smartwatch, with a big focus on arterial health.

The unnamed smartwatch is being built in collaboration with CardieX – an Australian health tech company.

CardieX has FDA-cleared technology for measuring arterial pressure waveforms – and from that can measure a range of health metrics, not seen on current consumer devices.

Using the CardieX Arty Heart Health analytics platform, the Mobvoi smartwatch will be able to measure things like an arterial health score, Exercise Capacity,, arterial age, and Heart Stress Score.

So what is this new smartwatch? There’s not a lot of detail in the press release.

“The imminent launch of our new smartwatch will provide a glimpse of the Arty Heart Health capabilities and importantly represent Mobvoi’s commitment to health-focused features in its consumer electronics portfolio,” said Zhifei Li, CEO of Mobvoi.

But we can make some guesstimates.

We’ve already had rumors of these exact features landing, after references to arterial health metrics and TruHR were spotted in Mobvoi app source code by XDA Developers. The features didn’t appear in the TicWatch Ultra GPS launch in October 2020, which did introduce algorithmic Afib detection.

But those rumors also referenced the launch of a potential TicWatch GTH+ and GTH Pro, the names of which are also found in the same source code.

The original TicWatch GTH was Mobvoi’s budget health watch, which featured metrics such as skin temperature and blood oxygen.

So the addition of these new metrics would find a natural home on the GTH, and would make it a serious health watch.

There’s no guarantees this will come under the TicWatch brand at all, and could be a departure from Mobvoi’s historic strategy.

But from what we’ve seen, we won’t have long to wait.

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