​TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS teased by Mobvoi – will be launched on 13 October

Updated: And there could be some serious new heart health metrics
​TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra will land 13 October
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The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra has been officially teased by Mobvoi – and it will be fully announced on 13 October.

Spotters on the r/WearOS board had previously leaked images of the packaging of the Pro 3 Ultra, showing a list of headline specs of the new device.

But now Mobvoi has tweeted with the full name of the device: the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS.

That all in info we have right now. But according to the leaks, it looks like a minor upgrade on the TicWatch Pro 3, with the device running the same Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor and quoting the same three day battery life.

It’s still the longest standard battery life you’ll find on a Wear OS device, thanks to the dual layer display that powers down to a monochrome LCD display when the full AMOLED isn’t in use.

And we're going to presume the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra will run Wear OS 3.0 eventually, just like the standard Pro 3.

Update: This article was originally published on 1 Oct 2021 – we updated it with the official teaser buy Mobvoi.

Afib and new heart features

The biggest standout change from the box shot is that TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra claims to include afib detection – though it’s unclear whether this is via ECG or another method.

But XDA Developers has been digging though the APK of Version 4.3.0 of the Mobvoi app, and has found references to new heart health features.

It’s spotted references to “TruHR”, and suggests it's a method of afib detection using the optical HR sensor. And this could roll out to other new devices, including a new TicWatch GTH+ and GTH Pro, which it also found within the code.

XDA Developers has also found mention of new artery age features, and metrics that show the load on the heart from the hardening of arteries. So it seems Mobvoi could be about to go big on heart health insights with its next generation of devices.

Back to the TicWatch Pro Ultra, it seems to add a compass as well as GPS, military standard 810G toughness and 20 workout modes.

It seems like an interim update in terms of hardware, but the new health features have certainly piqued our interest. There’s no word on when the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra will land – nor the new GTH devices – but we’re following with interest.

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