MMT E-Strap wants to turn any analogue watch into a smartwatch

Smart strap gives your dumb timepiece a fitness boost
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We've heard about devices that aim to turn traditional watches into smartwatches (Chronos and Montblanc e-strap), but this smart buckle and strap could really be one to take notice of.

It's been developed by Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT), previously a joint venture between Silicon Valley's Fullpower Technologies and Swiss company Union Horlogère, but now operates as an independent company. It had a helping hand in building hybrid smartwatches including the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch and Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart.

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The E-Strap is said to fit on any analogue (mechanical or quartz) watch and will be available in variety of leathers and finishes. MMT said it's listened to the feedback it received on the hybrid smartwatches it's already helped build and health and fitness was among the most wanted features. So the smart setup will allow you to track activity including steps, calories burnt and distance. There's also support for inactivity alerts to keep you moving during the day.

MMT E-Strap wants to turn any analogue watch into a smartwatch

It's also offering automatically sleep monitoring letting you wear the E-Strap at night or put it under your pillow to record sleep patterns. You'll be able to view the kind of basic sleep data you'd get from a Fitbit breaking down deep sleep, light sleep and awake time.

Other features include the ability to set up smart sleep alarms and receive coaching via suggestions and tips based on activity and sleep goals via the MMT-365 companion Android or iOS app.

Activity data can be stored on the strap for up to 30 days and it backs up the data into the cloud in case you're worried about losing it all. The 3ATM water resistant E-Strap should deliver 7 days of battery life so you will need to recharge it after a week's use.

If you fancy turning your current watch into a smart one, they're set to be available for $199-249. So that's cheaper than it'll cost to buy yourself an Apple Watch Series 2.

WareableMMT E-Strap wants to turn any analogue watch into a smartwatch

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