The any phone watch: Microsoft is building Pebble support for Windows Phone

Windows Phone wasn't invited to the Pebble party so it's gatecrashing
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By smartwatch standards, simply supporting both iPhone and Android is an achievement but now the Pebble Time, along with the original Pebble and the second gen Pebble Steel, may be getting an official Windows Phone companion app.

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That's according to WPPowerUser which discovered this 'Pebble Notifications' app in the Windows Phone store, reportedly built by Microsoft itself. It's described as an 'internal test application' right now and can't be downloaded by anyone outside Redmond who doesn't have the right permissions.

We are treated to a few screenshots of the companion app though which show a checklist of apps to tick or untick for Pebble alerts to come through, settings including quiet hours and disabling types of alerts. The app is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 and was last updated on 20 February, before the Pebble Time Kickstarter announcement.

Pebble has never provided native support for Windows Phone but there are paid for apps in the Windows Phone store, such as Pebble Watch Pro, which mimic some of the functions of an official app.

This is a smart move from Microsoft - it doesn't want smartphone users getting locked into the two main ecosystems because their beloved smartwatch isn't compatible with anything else. And with the Microsoft Band situation, it could do with some of Pebble's geek kudos rubbing off on Windows Phone.

We'll keep you updated with any developments on Pebble Windows Phone support.

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