​Microsoft Band gets big update and now features a tiny on-screen keyboard

Microsoft still supporting its fitness tracker, even though it's terrible

Microsoft has given its fitness tracker a big update, adding a raft of new features.

Users can now reply to texts on their Windows 8.1 smartphone using an on-screen keyboard for the Microsoft Band. While your eyes may start involuntarily bleeding at the very thought of typing a message using a 1.4-inch screen, Microsoft reckons its Word Flow technology will take the pain out of it.

Elsewhere, cyclists now get their own tile for tracking the commute to work or weekend jaunts, and Microsoft even says that static cycling in the gym is catered for. Both of these use the built-in heart rate monitor to estimate your exertion.

Finally, the data analysis has been given a much needed overhaul, and there's now a web portal for getting more detailed statistics on your daily activity. What's more, the Band now works with Microsoft Healthvault – the company's version of Apple Health.

It's good to see Microsoft is still supporting the Band, which on paper still looks like a powerful device, capable of giving any of the big players a run for their money. However, if you haven't checked out our Microsoft Band review yet, read it to find out how misleading spec sheets can be.

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  • Tabby·

    What a crap article, absolute bias bullcrap... For your information many are still trying to get hold of the Band which is far superior to some of the the fitness trackers you so applaud on this website.  

    Other trackers with multiple sensors fail to provide any usable insight in how to use the additional information, but your okay with that, my conclusion you must a hate thing going on with Microsoft hardware.

    Just because you don't like doesn't make it terrible.

    • j.stables·

      100% biased. We just have a vendetta against Microsoft. In fact, that's the main reason we started the site and get up every morning.

      • JustTom·

        Reasoned, rational, and concise rebuttal. Bravo.

  • SloSuenos·

    Have to agree with Tabby. The reviewer's comments are unreasonably harsh. It's terrible because? Well, in the review its described as being poorly designed because its not comfortable to wear for the reviewer. Pretty subjective. Why else is it terrible?

    Misleading spec sheet? How? The only thing I can find in the prior review is that the reviewer thinks the battery life is poor. Is that where the spec sheet is misleading?

    And Microsoft Health is the company's version of Apple Health? Microsoft (and Google) health services have been out for years. Apple Health just recently became available. The reviewer makes it sound like Apple Health is some standard that Microsoft is now copying.

    This device seems to have had very positive reviews everywhere else. This, plus the above would leave me to believe that the author of this article does have some kind of vendetta against Microsoft. 

  • LaxMom·

    I bought the Band on release day. I had it for 28 days. I returned it because I could not get pass the absolute discomfort. I an a woman with a small wrist. The pain kept me up at night. That being said I replaced it with a FitBit HR. The band was far superior in everyway( not gonna list it, just take my word for it) except comfort. I truly miss it. I'm jealous reading about the update. If they offer a better version 2 that is comfortable I will drop this fitbit HR like a hot potato.