Huawei Watch 4 announcement is coming this month

Multiple versions of the next-gen smartwatch are rumored
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The Huawei Watch 4 will be unveiled as part of a special event later this month, ushering in the next generation of the company's smartwatch line. 

That's according to the latest whispers doing the rounds on Weibo, at least, with leaker Uncle Mountain suggesting the smartwatch will launch at a 17 May event alongside various new Huawei laptops and tablets.

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It's rumored that Huawei's upcoming 9 May event in Munich won't include the Watch 4 series, with this instead being saved for the company's China 17 May unveiling. 

According to the leaker, who has a decent track record of predicting Huawei's upcoming moves, there will also be at least two versions of the device, too. 

This would align with the strategy the company employed with the Watch 3 series, which has received countless different releases since initially arriving in 2021, including the GT 3 Pro and GT Runner.

The specific upgrades available through the Watch 4 series aren't yet clear, however. 

Despite seemingly being close to a China release, and the fact we saw two unverifiable Huawei smartwatches hit Wi-Fi regulators back in February, there have been no reliable leaks relating to the design or features.

These watches are referred to by their ARC (Arch) and MDS (Medusa) codenames in the listing, and it's likely they are, in fact, the Huawei Watch 4 and Watch 4 Pro.

All in all, it's been a busy start to the year for Huawei, with the Watch Buds and Watch Ultimate already arriving. 

It's not clear when a global version of the potential Huawei Watch 4 would join this pair, but previous launches would suggest that we should have any new release towards the end of summer. 

Stay tuned for all the official details over the next couple of weeks.

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