Huawei Watch 4 spotted at regulators in big wearables shakeup

Smartwatch is long overdue an update
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Huawei could be about to release the Huawei Watch 4, as a follow up to its flagship smartwatch.

The Huawei Watch 3 was released back in 2021, so it’s long overdue an upgrade.

> Huawei Watch 4 – full details revealed

Huawei Ailesi reports that the company has certified new two new watches at an un-named Wi-Fi regulatory body, with two distinct codenames.

It’s used ARC (Arch) and MDS (Medusa) codenames for the two devices – which could refer to Watch 4 and Watch 4 Pro models.

The Huawei Watch 3 (above) introduced a fashionable design and was used to showcase the revamped HarmonyOS when it launched in spring 2021. 

But the Huawei Watch GT3 quickly launched at a power price, and most of the features of the flagship watch – and has been a fixture of our best smartwatch picks ever since.

So we’d expect the Watch 4 to introduce some new features to the Huawei stable.

This could be upgraded medical tech, such as ECG that has rolled out onto the Huawei Watch D and has been cleared by European health regulators. 

All this seems unrelated to a rumor we reported last week, where source code showed an un-named smartwatch codenamed AOD-H1 listed. 

As we reported, this is unlikely to be a sequel to any of its existing ranges, all of which use B19 monikers in development.

That’s in addition to the rollout of Watch GT Cyber and Watch Buds

So there could be a large overhaul of the Huawei wearable line-up in the works.

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