And finally: Blackberry and Timex might be working on a smartwatch together

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Welcome to the end of Apple week. The Cupertino company came out and announced the Apple Watch Series 3, which finally adds LTE, a faster processor and a barometric altimeter to the proceedings. Oh, and, well, a red dot on the digital crown.

Apple also made its biggest public endorsement of AR yet. While Apple tends to suck up the gravity in the tech world when it does one of these events, other things happened too. We got a glimpse of an Echo Dot-like Fire TV in the works from Amazon and learned that HTC Vive's Daydream headset could be called the Focus.

But that's not all that happened this week. Follow along for even more news, and don't forget to check out our dedicated news section for a complete helping.

Blackberry and Timex's smartwatch

And finally: Blackberry and Timex might be working on a smartwatch together

Blackberry just keeps on ticking, and while it is mostly focused on software nowadays, it does once in a while trot out a new smartphone or two for true believers. This week, however, Blackberry announced a new licensing agreement with Timex.

Timex will be making ongoing royalty payments to Blackberry, gaining access to its 40,000 patents for wireless communications, network infrastructure, acoustics, messaging, enterprise software, operating systems, virtualization and cybersecurity.

We don't officially know what this patent deal will be used for, but Timex makes watches and Blackberry makes connected devices and software. Put two and two together and you have a connected watch of some sort. Timex, for its part, has dabbled in hybrid smartwatches before, including the Timex IQ+ Move. BlackBerry is easing into the wearable game, having made its debut in August by partnering with smartglasses maker Vuzix.

T-Mobile will give Apple Watch Series 3 normal speeds after all

And finally: Blackberry and Timex might be working on a smartwatch together

This week, after Apple announced the Series 3, we learned that T-Mobile was capping to 512kb/s on T-Mobile's ONE plan. Why? Because wearables are capped to 512kb/s on that plan, and a spokesperson had told Wareable that to reach higher speeds would require a more expensive DIGITS plan.

However, since listening to the feedback, T-Mobile has announced it will in fact offer LTE speeds after all, just like the other carriers. Phew!

Bose and Google's AirPods competitor

And finally: Blackberry and Timex might be working on a smartwatch together

Google's big October event might mean more than a new Google Home and Pixel phones, it also reportedly means the unveiling of an AirPods competitor. The new headphones are reportedly codenamed Bisto and would provide easy Google Assistant access.

And now, according to pictures found by 9to5Google, Bose and Google are collaborating to make the upcoming QuietComfort 35 II, the sequel to the popular and well-reviewed QC35, the first Google Assistant-enabled Bisto headphones. They'll have an action button that you can hold down to activate Google Assistant, and you'll also be be able to do things like hear your notifications.

Like with most things Google, it's likely this likely part of a broad partnership. It seems likely this could be the beginning of Google putting Assistant in as many headphones as possible. Well, except for Beats by Dre. What we don't know is if Google will also make a reference pair, as they did with the Nexus phones and Daydream View headset.

Is this the GoPro Hero6 Black?

And finally: Blackberry and Timex might be working on a smartwatch together

The GoPro Hero Black 5 is one of our favorite action cameras, but it's about time to see what's coming next. And thanks to some pictures from Photo Rumors, we finally have a peak. While it looks like the Hero6 Black is keeping the same design as the Black 5, there is one notable new feature: 4K video recording at 60 frames per second. That means smoother video with less blur, and we are here for it.

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