You can already download over 3,500 Apple Watch apps

Tim Cook talks numbers in Apple's earnings call

There are already over 3,500 Apple Watch apps to download on Apple's App Store within weeks of the smartwatch going up for pre-order.

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Tim Cook made the announcement during Apple's earnings call. He declined to talk Apple Watch sales figures but he found time to boast that Apple had beat its internal goal of 1,000 for third party apps by launch.

Why 1,000? Because that's how many dedicated apps the iPad had at launch which makes Apple's efforts in getting devs to create Watch apps on time especially impressive. The iPad was able to run iPhone apps at launch too and obviously that doesn't apply to the Watch but 3,500 apps, including some big names, is a strong start.

That said, there's still some omissions on the Watch app list - Facebook being the big one. We've seen some interesting indie titles already too. There's a few hundred apps listed in Google's Android Wear section of the Play store with hundreds more Android apps with Wear extensions. Still, Apple has quickly overtaken Google.

If your Apple Watch has arrived, what apps have you tried out and found useful? Or annoying? Let us know in the comments below.

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