World’s first interactive heated insoles hit crowdfunding target

Digitsole connected insole offer temperature controls and fitness tracking
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We’ve seen connected insoles in the past (Lechal’s smartshoe went on sale in India last month) but we’re not sure we’ve come across temperature changing ones before; which is one of the features offered by Digitsole – “the first interactive insole to heat your feet”.

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And now we've been informed that the venture has hit its Kickstarter funding target.

The heating is controlled by the companion app (iOS and Android) and you can control the temperature of each foot individually. Handy if you’ve stuck one foot in a cold puddle.


As you’d expect from a wearable tech device launching on Kickstarter, there are fitness and tracking features built in as well – and some pretty big claims to go with them too.

“Tracking is much more precise and efficient than tracker wristbands and other devices currently available,” states the press release. We’ll reserve judgement until we’ve had time to try them properly.

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What we do know is that each insole requires charging via USB, so you’ll have to pop them out everyday, which isn’t brilliant. And, unlike the Lechal insole, the sensors are built right into the heel and not into a module that can be inserted into some new insoles once the original ones become old and smelly.

Not ideal but we're told they are "designed to be long lasting".

And neither is the seven-hour battery life that won’t even make it until the end of lunchtime if you’re leaving the house at around 7am.

Back to the lifestyle tracking aspects and we’re told it will record steps, calories and distance travelled. Digitsole is also purportedly an aid to bad posture as a result of the ‘Shock Heel System’; the Poron cushion which spreads vibration and impact.


Karim Oumnia, Digitsole engineer said: “Being able to offer a product that combines multiple health benefits and cutting-edge technology is a great prospect. We’re excited to be ringing in the new era of smart clothing, and we’re absolutely delighted to be sharing it with a crowd that we know values innovation and creative, functional design. ”

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