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Updated version of popular child friendly communicator launching soon
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Filip is back for a second bite of the kids wearable tech market with the Filip 2; a smartwatch-esque device that offers calling and GPS locating.

The colourful sequel is designed to give parents piece of mind, with their little 'uns able to make and receive calls directly from the Filip 2 - thanks to the 2G connectivity - to five pre-assigned numbers. These stored numbers can also send messages to the device although there's no function for the user to reply.

With built in GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi the Filip 2 also acts as a tracking device with parents able to locate their children using the companion iOS or Android app. If you have more than one kid, the revamped app allows for multiple profiles to be created.

The GPS sensor extends to geo-fencing features, which Filip calls 'Safezones'. Up to five of these can be set up, meaning that you can be alerted everytime your little rascal strays away from a designated area.

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Another features is the Emergency Mode that is activated with a three second press of the emergency button. This initiates an immediate call to the primary stored contact (followed by calls to the other stored numbers if there is no answer), an automatic recording of the audio at the situation and updated real-time tracking.

On the Filip 2 device, there is now a glass cover for the display and it's an all-in-one affair now; no more popping out the module as per the original Filip. There are also size extenders and a range of colours to choose from with the new device.

There's no price details as of yet, although we understand AT&T will be offering a $10 a month deal in the States for the connectivity features.

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