Samsung's next smartwatch will be round

Samsung launches the SDK for its next Gear ahead of the actual reveal

Samsung has launched an SDK for its next Gear smartwatch before it's even been announced. In the announcement, Samsung confirmed that the smartwatch will be round by publishing an image, alongside details for developers, showing a range of round watchfaces and round app icons.

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There's no release date, features or specs for the next gen Gear, codenamed Orbis, which will be Samsung's eighth smartwatch (if you include the reference Simband for developers).

The apps featured on Samsung's promo image include CNN, Yelp and loyalty card app FidMe. If you're a developer interested in developing for a mystery round Gear smartwatch, head to Samsung's wearable tech devs application page.

Aside from the first round smartwatch, 2014's Moto 360 which is overdue an update, one of the most exciting examples is LG's Watch Urbane - a classier version of last year's Android Wear G Watch R. It's hitting the Google Store in April and we'll have a full review very soon.

Rumour round up: Samsung Orbis smartwatch

The most famous smartwatch, the Apple Watch, is now officially on sale. Apple shunned the round form factor despite taking other cues from the traditional wristwatch designbook such as premium materials and a jewellery-like look and feel.

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