Samsung VR headset set for an IFA unveiling

Project Moonlight images hit the web
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Samsung is set to unleash its own VR headset at IFA in Berlin next month - that is if this leaked image uncovered by the Verge is anything to go by

We at Wareable like to avoid the usual rumour mill stories unless, of course, they have major implications for the wearable tech industry. And, if Samsung was to get involved in one of the most exciting genres within that ever expanding industry, it would be a pretty big deal.

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Dubbed 'Project Moonlight', this isn't the first time that a potential Samsung VR headset has been touted. Reports circulated earlier this year that the Korean giant was working alongside VR specialist Oculus in order to bring an entertainment device to the masses; one powered by the display of one of Samsung's HD smartphones.

It seems that, like Google's Cardboard VR development kit, Samsung's VR headset wouldn't come with a panel built-in, but rather the user would insert a smartphone into a slot in front of the lenses to create their immersive display.

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In the leaked image there's a Galaxy S5 alongside the device but, given that Samsung has dropped major hints that the next iteration of its Note phablet range will be announced at IFA, we'd expect Note compatibility as well.

Oculus Rift, now owned by Facebook, is the major player in the VR world and it was recently uncovered that the panels from its Dev Kit 2 devices were in fact Galaxy Note 3 ones. And it makes perfect sense that the two companies would want to team up for a multi-angle VR onslaught; Oculus obviously has the expertise and Samsung is one of the world's leaders in next-gen OLED displays.

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Then, of course, there is the threat of Sony and its Project Morpheus gaming headset to consider. It's going to fascinating seeing how this intriguing market space turns out.

Let us know what you think using the comments below. Is VR the next big tech revolution or a returning fad like 3D?

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