Samsung Triathlon SM-R150 images hit the web

Is this the budget fitness tracker we've been expecting from Korea?
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Well, well, well, what do we have here? If reports are to be believed then it's the much anticipated Samsung fitness tracker.

We know what you're thinking. The purported Samsung Triathlon was to be a more budget friendly activity band, with a Fitbit-esque form factor.

This Gear S2 lookalike, however (which apparently carries the model number SM-R150), is being touted as the next fitness device from the Samsung stable.

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Rocking a very similar rubber band, circular metal frame look as its smartwatch big brother, there's also a suggestion that the rotating bezel is on board.

That OS and UI, while not an exact likeness of the Gear S2, is unmistakably Tizen and the leaked images suggest rep counting, heart rate monitoring and water intake recording are all on board.

Samsung Triathlon SM-R150 images hit the web

Interestingly, and completely differentiating the Tizen tracker from the Gear S2, there's an image that shows the face clipped onto a users sweatshirt. This means, like the UP Move or the new Withings Go, the tracker is designed to be worn in multiple ways.

There are already plenty of budget fitness trackers already on sale, including the new Xiaomi MiBand 1S, which offers heart rate tracking for less than $16. There's also the likes of the aforementioned UP Move and Withings Go, along with Misfit's vast army of Shine-esque trackers.

Samsung would be facing some stiff competition in this market then but, if these images are to be believed, it's coming to the party with a pretty slick looking device.

Via: SamMobile

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