Samsung's Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset arrives 6 November for $499

Samsung begins its MR journey
Samsung's Mixed Reality headset is official

In late September we saw some leaked renders that showed off Samsung's planned Windows Mixed Reality headset. Today at Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality event, that plan became reality as the company officially announced the $499.99 Samsung HMD Odyssey.

Samsung is taking advantage of its corporate strengths to create the highest end Windows Mixed Reality you can get, offering something we haven't yet seen in a Windows Mixed Reality headset: built-in audio. The Odyssey comes with attached spatial headphones from AKG, an arm of the Samsung-owned Harman.

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The Odyssey will also feature two 1400 x 1600 AMOLED displays, which is an improvement over the 1440 x 1440 LCD displays typically seen in a Windows Mixed Reality headset. Seeing as Samsung is one of the best AMOLED manufacturers in the world, that's another advantage Samsung is taking here.

You'll also be getting a 110-degree field of view with the Odyssey, making it one of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets with the highest field of view, on par with the headsets from Lenovo and Dell. Other Mixed Reality accouterments you can expect are inside-out tracking, up to 90Hz refresh rate, and a built-in microphone. Oh, and the only way to get the Odyssey is a bundle with motion controllers, which should make that price go down a little easier.

As evidenced by the price, Samsung is clearly targeting the high end of the Mixed Reality world here, packing in a whole bunch of features the other headsets don't yet - or won't - have. Alanna Cotton, vice president and general manager of Samsung Electronics, said as much at the event, explaining that Samsung and Microsoft wanted to craft a "high-performing headset".

You'll be able to pre-order the Odyssey for $499.99 starting today. It'll start shipping out 6 November.

Samsung's Windows Mixed Reality headset is official and it's called the Odyssey

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