Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 size change rumored – with July release date possible

But no more info on Wear OS
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It’s all been a little quiet on the Samsung Galaxy Watch front, after a bonanza of leaks back in March.

But unverified information from a Twitter tipster Nils Ahrensmeier has dropped some new rumors, that back up previous whispers about Samsung prepping a total refresh of its line-up – and offers some insights into what we might expect.

Ahrensmeier confirms what’s already been reported, that two new devices are coming: the Galaxy Watch 4 and Active 4, adding more substance to rumors that Samsung will align the numbering of the two devices.

However, he did reveal some possibly new information. Ahrensmeier believes the Galaxy Watch 4 will come in 41mm and a new 46mm size – which means the largest version will grow by 1mm.

The new Galaxy Watch Active 4, according to the (we repeat) unverified account, alleges that it will ship in 40mm and 42mm sizes. It seems illogical in the extreme that Samsung would release a smartwatch with just 2mm separating two versions. We suggest taking a pinch of salt, and liberally sprinkling it all over this rumor.

The rumor also does nothing to advance the big story of the Samsung Galaxy Watch refresh – that the company is moving its devices from Tizen to Wear OS.

This has been repeatedly pointed to in previous leaks and rumors, but as yet there’s zero substance to back it up. It could be that Wear OS will only land on one of the two new devices.

So what about timing? The Ahrensmeier leak talks about it being in June/July 2021. Samsung Galaxy watches have (generally) launched around an Unpacked event in August/September, sometimes timed around IFA.

As we’ve already seen the Galaxy Watch 4 pass through regulators this seems entirely plausible – but as ever, watch this space.

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