​Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 gets new features in big update

Handwashing and SmartThings Find for the Watch 3
​Samsung Galaxy Watch 3  gets big update
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Samsung has released a new update for the Galaxy Watch 3, adding a bunch of new features to its flagship smartwatch.

The headline addition is support for Samsung SmartThings Find, which will offer users the chance to locate their smartwatch if it’s mislaid. That can be done via the app, or Alexa and Google Assistant users can use their voice to locate their device.

Handwashing also makes it to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which starts a timer when you’re scrubbing up, so you can rest assured you’re fully clean.

A new group walking challenge feature also makes it to the watch for the first time, which should be a good motivator for those exercising in lockdown.

And the company has made tweaks to the auto-workout detection feature too. It’s reduced the amount of time it takes for running, rowing and elliptical workouts to kick in.

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung has already dropped this update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which despite being far older, is still getting the pick of features.

The company has been steadily keeping its smartwatches updated, and the list of features is steadily growing. The Active 2 has been treated to ECG and blood pressure – two jewels in the crown of the Watch 3 – despite its sub $200 price tag.

And another update announced last week bring those features to Europe – to join the US and South Korea. India, China and Japan are also confirmed to get those advanced health features too.

The new update, called R840XXU1BUA8 comes in at 74MB and is currently rolling out across South Korea and the US before going worldwide soon. Check your companion app for the update.

Via: GSM Arena