​Under Armour launches three pairs of HOVR connected running shoes

Real-time coaching and advanced form metrics
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Under Armour has launched three new pairs of its connected shoes, as it doubles down on quantified running and its smart coaching platform.

It’s announced the HOVR Machina, HOVR Infinite 3 and HOVR Sonic 4, all of which will connect up with MapMyRun, which UA bought back in 2015.

Once connected, they will track cadence, stride length, foot strike angle and ground contact time – in addition to distance, pace and time even away from a tracked smartwatch. What’s more, they don’t need charging.

We reviewed the first Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 connected shoe back in 2016, which didn’t do much except estimate distance when you were out for a run without your smartphone.

But fast forward to 2021, and we’ve seen increasingly advanced connected footwear, with 2019’s HOVR Infinite adding cadence and stride length tracking, helping you decide the ultimate form to hit your running goals.

​Under Armour launches three pairs of HOVR connected running shoes

Back in 2018, Under Armour said that it was looking to connect the entire athlete head-to-toe. While that hasn't exactly come to fruition yet, UA has hugely upgraded its platform to include real time coaching, so you could get feedback on your form while you run.

Sadly, there’s little in the way of new connected features with these new 2021 trainers – but they are lighter and better ventilated than the last generation.

More interestingly, we’re actually impressed by the numbers of users that Under Armour has managed to entice into using its connected platform.

The company says a million pairs have been paired to MapMyRun and a study of 87,000 anonymous users found that those using the coaching platform were 7% faster than those who didn’t.

We’re looking forward to taking these new Under Armour connected shoes for a spin and seeing how the real-time coaching works.

The HOVR connected shoes are priced at:

  • HOVR Sonic 4 –
  • HOVR Infinite 3 –
  • HOVR Machina 2 –

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