Samsung Galaxy wearables guide: Get more from your Samsung devices

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Samsung Galaxy missing manual
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If you're new to the world of Samsung's smartwatches and fitness trackers, it can be tough to know where to get started.

As one of the biggest names in wearables, Samsung has produced plenty of devices since its introduction in 2013, with all of them focusing on something slightly different. And whether you want a small, stylish timepiece or a sporty band, the company's latest range - the Galaxy family - is varied enough to offer something for everyone.

It's a collection that's also still relatively fresh in the minds, with the company only dropping the long-standing Gear moniker from its wearables in 2018.

Want to know everything there is about the Samsung Galaxy range? Read on for our complete guide, which includes details on devices, how it compares to Apple and much more.

Best Samsung wearable

Device Wearable type Weight GPS 4G Contactless payments Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (4G LTE) Smartwatch 63g Yes Yes Yes $399.99
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Smartwatch 63g Yes No Yes $349.99
Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (4G LTE) Smartwatch 49g Yes Yes Yes $379.99
Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Smartwatch 49g Yes No Yes $329.99
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Smartwatch 25g Yes No Yes $199.99
Samsung Galaxy Fit Fitness tracker 24g No No No $99.99
Samsung Galaxy Fit e Fitness tracker 15g No No No $34.99


Samsung smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

Samsung Galaxy Watch

From $329.99 - $399.99, Amazon |

A true mix of the old Gear smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch is the first Samsung smartwatch to come in two size variations - 42mm and 46mm. And no matter which you prefer on your wrist, both are packed to the brim with features: GPS, NFC, activity detection and sleep tracking with heart rate monitoring, water resistance, standalone apps, offline Spotify music support and, for those who opt for the LTE edition, cellular connectivity without being connected to the phone.

Not just that, but it also manages to eke out roughly 3-4 days of battery, depending on how heavy your usage is. This is undoubtedly the best Samsung smartwatch, and one that sits in the top tier of the wider industry.

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

$199.99, Amazon |

A spinoff of the Galaxy Watch and also an ode to the old Gear Sport, the Galaxy Watch Active was announced in early 2019 and promises a sporty take on Samsung's flagship device. It's customizable, light and, at 40mm, noticeably smaller than even the 42mm Galaxy Watch. There's not rotating bezel in the design, but the health and activity features - headlined by the new blood pressure monitoring - and the cheaper price makes this a solid riposte to rival devices.

Samsung fitness trackers

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

Samsung Galaxy Fit

$99.99, Amazon |

Samsung has remained relatively coy on the release date of its new fitness tracker line, but it did get some love alongside the announcement of the Galaxy Watch Active. And what we do know is that it'll land in Q2 2019, along with these features: a 0.95-inch AMOLED display with 282 pixels-per-inch, a 24g weight that's similar to the Galaxy Watch Active, a heart rate monitor, accelerometer and a 120mAh battery.

Another similarity with the Watch Active is the activity and sleep monitoring, which essentially mirrors its sibling. The more premium design and added features over the Fit e (below) make this a solid choice against the rest of the fitness tracker field.

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

Samsung Galaxy Fit e

$34.99, Amazon |

Cheap, cheerful and still packing some strong features, the Galaxy Fit e feels very much like a response to the formula popularized by Xiaomi.

Clocking in at 16 x 40.2 x 10.9mm, 15g and packing a 0.74-inch black and white PMOLED display with a resolution of 64 x 128 (193 pixels per inch), the Fit e comes in both the bright yellow shown above and black. As the focus is tracking, you get all the same features as the regular Fit - just in the smaller and more budget build. One worth exploring for those who want something simple from Samsung.

Samsung hearables

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

Samsung Galaxy Buds

$129.99, Amazon |

Following on from the IconX earbuds, Samsung has released a new iteration of its wireless hearable for 2019 - only this time, it's dropped some of the fitness features and focused on the audio. There's Bixby, the ability tweak the sound through its Ambient mode and you can even use PowerShare to charge them through the Galaxy S10 smartphone. It's definitely a leap up from old generations, and are potentially the best wireless earbuds for those looking for an AirPods alternative.

Samsung Health

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

As you might have guessed, Samsung Health is the company's smartphone portal into all of the metrics you've been gathering from wrist.

Of course, it's compatible with all the new Samsung fitness trackers and smartwatches, though it's also a place where Wear users can still sync some data over from their wearables. It's also available for iOS users - so, if you've got an iPhone or iPad, you can get in on the action, too.

We've detailed Samsung Health in our full guide, but, at its core, the app offers a home for planning, tracking and reviewing your workouts. On the other end of the scale, it's also got some ambitious ideas, such as trying to connect you to a doctor from your phone. Dive in to learn more.

Samsung vs Apple

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the new range

Wearables may represent one of the smaller battles in the wider war between these two companies, but the competition is by no means less fierce.

And in 2019, the flagship smartwatches leading both companies into the fight are, of course, the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4. It's easy to make the case that this pairing stand alone at the top of the tree - with precious few rivals offering the same features in such a strong looking package - though which comes out on top will largely depend on the slight variances between the two, and your personal preference in design.

There is no right and wrong answer here, but we've still compared the two smartwatches in order to help you decipher which is best for your wrist. Read our Samsung Galaxy Watch v Apple Watch Series 4 piece for an in-depth look.

Samsung Galaxy apps

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the wearable range

Samsung and its Tizen OS has long been criticized for its middling third-party app support, but things are stronger than ever with the introduction of Tizen 4.0 and the Galaxy line.

From what we know so far, access to the Tizen Store will only be granted if you're a Galaxy smartwatch owner - sorry, Galaxy Fit fans - and with it unlocks the potential to turn your device into a personalized, customizable force on the wrist. Whether it's catching up on the news with Flipboard, listening to music through Spotify or browsing the web on Samsung Internet, there's plenty to choose from.

Maybe not as many as those available to Apple Watch or Wear OS owners, mind, but definitely enough to get by - check out the best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps. Once the Galaxy line has officially launched, check back for our updated selections.

Samsung Galaxy watch faces

Samsung Galaxy missing manual: Everything you need to know about the wearable range

Like with apps, Samsung has refreshed its lineup of faces for Galaxy devices, giving you plenty more to attack than in previous generations.

We're yet to see just how customizable the company can make its new fitness tracker line through the power of faces, but we've already seen how the likes of My Day and the hordes of third-party options can keep Galaxy smartwatches fresh on the wrist.

Naturally, though, with the library being fairly tedious to scroll through, we've picked out our go-to options to save you some time. Check out the best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces, and be sure to check back once the rest of the Galaxy family has launched for our updated picks.