Casio's G-Shock Mudmaster is a tough hybrid with smart outdoor features

Casio's hardy watch wants to join you on your next big adventure
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Casio has announced a new range of G-Shock smartwatches, combining the best of its rugged lineage with smart features.

The new set of GG-B100 Mudmaster watches have been given a hardy exterior and rugged internals, to ensure that they can help you through basically anything. They've been built with serious robustness in mind, as illustrated in the dramatic image below.

Each GG-B100 watch boasts a small digital display along with what Casio is calling a "Quad sensor". This means that the watch contains a thermometer, along with a combined altimeter and barometer and a digital compass — between all of those, you shouldn't find too much to surprise you in your surroundings. Just in case, it's waterproofed up to 200 metres when you hit a watery hazard.

Casio's G-Shock Mudmaster is a tough hybrid with smart outdoor features

Also making the cut is a step-counter, to offer basic activity tracking. All of this data can be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and is synced to the G-Shock Connected app. This can help with anything from finding your phone to customising the display of your watch.

Watches like the Mudmaster are all about durability, and Casio clearly knows it. It's using its Carbon Core Guard technology to give the watches a strong internal body that frees up space for the outer body to be slimmed down. On top of this, you can count on shock-proofing and resistance to vibration.

Casio says that the watch's battery will last for two years, and will bring out the watch in three different colours — black, khaki and orange. It will retail for and lands on 1 August. If you love the outdoors but don't fancy a full fat outdoor smartwatch like the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, this might be more to your liking instead.

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