The Bragi Dash and Dash Pro will soon put Alexa right in your ear

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Bragi is putting Alexa in your ear

The Bragi Dash and Dash Pro are already compatible with Siri and Google Now, but from October they'll also work with Alexa, Amazon's smart assistant.

Bragi has announced the integration will happen with both generations of its hearable, letting users access Alexa's library of Skills with a tap of the earbud or - if you've enabled the MyTap feature - the cheek. Accessing Siri and Google Assistant, I found, has been a bit finicky on the Dash Pro, and so I hope interacting with Alexa is a smoother experience. I use Alexa a lot at home, so if this works I might just start - dare I say it - talking to her in public.

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As Bragi demonstrates, opening up Alexa's Skills means you can hail an Uber or even call ahead on your Starbucks order. You'll also be able to stream from Amazon's throng of audio services - Music, Audible and TuneIn Radio.

Just let these trendy, attractive people show you how easy it is.

Wow, the future is great, huh? Although from my time with the Dash Pro I can't say the 4D menu has ever worked that seamlessly. I like the concept, but any time I've tried to use it has resulted in me doing a lot of head-banging to get there. Not my best look when I'm riding the bus.

But there's no doubt that the ears are peak smart assistant territory, and Bragi's integration marks another step closer to the future Spike Jonze prepared us for/warned us about.

Alexa integration will come this October with an update to Bragi OS and the accompanying app.

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