1. How does Garmin estimate VO2 Max?
  2. How to check your Garmin VO2 Max

How to check VO2 Max on a Garmin watch

Find out the ways to check on your estimation
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Your VO2 Max is a superb way of keeping tabs on how efficiently your body is able to handle the strains of exercise - and Garmin watches have a dynamic estimate that's constantly updating. 

In total, there are three ways you can check Garmin's interpretation of your VO2 Max: on your watch, through Garmin Connect on your smartphone and on Garmin's web portal for Connect. 

Below, we'll show you how to navigate all of these methods in order to check in on your VO2 Max estimate.

And for help understanding exactly why the metric is important, how you can improve it and how accurate it is, read our complete guide to VO2 Max estimates on wearables.

How does Garmin estimate VO2 Max?

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Just like every other major sports watch brand, Garmin will automatically estimate your VO2 Max each time you record a GPS-tracked activity with heart rate monitoring enabled. 

In essence, Garmin's Firstbeat Analytics engine is constantly monitoring the relationship between two factors - pace and heart rate - to determine the user's VO2 Max.

Garmin indicates that at least a portion of activity should be performed at 70% of maximum effort for the best results, though the estimate is also designed to learn your patterns and parameters over time. 

This means that recording more activities should improve the reliability of this estimate, which is why some users will find that their VO2 Max jumps around significantly during the initial couple of months of use.

How to check your Garmin VO2 Max

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Find your VO2 Max estimates on the watch

This varies greatly depending on which Garmin watch is on your wrist, and how you've set it up. 

However, generally, this will generally be accessible through the 'My Day' widgets list that's accessible when you press the 'Up' or 'Down' buttons from the watch face.  

It will show you the typical Garmin five-point color scale and also a number once you tap through, as well as the date it was last updated. 

On some Garmin devices, race time predictions are also found alongside this VO2 Max information, as shown above.

VO2 Max information on Garmin Connect

1. Open the Garmin Connect app on your iOS/Android device.

2. Select the stack menu icon.

3. Tap 'Performance Stats'.

4. Hit 'VO2 Max'. 

Using Garmin Connect web to check VO2 Max

1. Head to the Garmin Connect web portal and sign in.

2. From here, select 'Reports'.

3.  Next, click 'VO2 Max'.

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