Philips Health Watch set to land in September 2016

The rest of the health product family is now already on sale
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Philips' Health Watch is set to be up for grabs later this year as the company's other line of connected devices goes on sale.

That's according to Pocket-Lint, who were told that the smartwatch is going to be available in September and priced at around the €250 price mark.

Unveiled at IFA 2015 last year as part of the company's 'personal health program', the Health Watch tracks heart rate, activity, and sleep patterns. When connected to the Philips HealthSuite app, users can measure their wellbeing and learn how to make better lifestyle choices thanks to a customised program.

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The watch includes an optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer that continuously and automatically measures your biometric data. Philips claims that this watch is a medical device designed to "help prevent lifestyle induced chronic conditions."

Philips Health Watch set to land in September 2016

The data is synced with the Philips HealthSuite app, with a cloud-based platform that collects and analyses data from the devices. The customised program is designed to help individuals understand how their lifestyle choices affect their health.

Users will be connected with doctors and psychologists that provide personalised recommendations on setting and monitoring goals.

Philips' other connected health devices for home use are already available through the Philips website and includes two types of blood pressure monitors (upper arm and wrist), an ear thermometer that is usable for all ages, including newborns, and an air purifier for people who suffer from allergies.

One additional gadget of note that might be worth checking out is the body analysis scale, which measures weight, estimates body fat, and calculates BMI. Philips says the scale supports up to eight different profiles. This data is collected and analysed through the HealthSuite app, too.

It's an interesting move for Philips to venture into the medical world of wearables. With so many devices, it's clearly going to make a big push in 2016.

Philips Health Watch set to land in September 2016

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