Nokia announces Body smart scale and BPM+, but the new app is the main event

Withings is gone, and Nokia is here to pick up the baton
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Nokia has pulled the curtain back on its Body smart scale and BPM+ blood pressure monitor, as it marks the completed transition from Withings.

The new line will also be accompanied by a redesigned Health Mate app, featuring new coaching programmes designed to help you improve your sleep, control blood pressure, monitor weight and fat mass, become more active and even manage health during pregnancy.

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This, of course, works in conjunction with the new blood pressure monitor and connected scale. But for those unfamiliar with their older Withings relatives, let's run through what functions are actually involved.

Nokia announces Body smart scale and BPM+, but the new app is the main event

If you're in the market for a blood pressure monitor, the BPM+ offers a wireless solution for those who want to track diastolic and systolic blood pressure and heart rate when on the go. This data can then be shared with fellow users or medical professionals, in order to help prevent, manage and monitor the effects of certain treatment. Not much has changed here in terms of features from Withings' offering, but the BPM+ is easier to roll up and take on the go.

Nokia announces Body smart scale and BPM+, but the new app is the main event

And as for the Nokia Body, this will represent a cheaper entry level to the company's smart scale space. So while it provides users with a way to track their body weight trends, receive BMI insights and sync over Wi-Fi with the Health Mate app in order to keep track of goals, it does leave the cardiovascular health tracking to the more expensive Body Cardio scale. Still, if you want to begin logging your food, this can also be synced up with MyFitnessPal.

Both new devices will be available from today, with the Nokia Body coming at and the BPM+ ready to pick up for .

On the whole, there's not a whole lot of difference between the new devices and what Withings provided before being taken over. However, the new app improvements are a welcome addition to a line that was set for an inevitable branding refresh. The question now becomes if this new wave can continue the solid foundation Withings set and offer users an attractive way to keep track of their health.

Nokia announces Body smart scale and BPM+, but the new app is the main event

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