The auto calorie counter HealBe GoBe now claims to measure how hydrated you are

Take this with a pinch of salt - everyone's favourite controversial wearable is back
HealBe GoBe gets hydration update
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Remember the HealBe GoBe? The "100% automatic body manager" made waves at CES at the start of 2015, promising to automatically track how many calories you consume. KFCs and waffles were consumed in the name of testing and HealBe was questioned about how on earth it could do what it claimed - measure calorie intake through the skin.

The calorie numbers it was spitting out weren't deemed accurate enough to make this the Holy Grail wearable many have been waiting for. But journalists did have to admit that it wasn't ridiculously inaccurate in the measurements it provided for some meals and days.

Well, it's back.

HealBe Corporation has just announced a firmware update to the $299 wrist based GoBe device, which reportedly allows it to automatically measure how hydrated you are throughout the day.

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The company claims this is "another first of it's kind technology" and that users can get automatic tracking of water intake from food and drink with vibrations and on screen alerts to indicate normal or low levels.

It does this by analysing data from its impedance sensor to determine, based on physical activity completed and calories burned, whether you will need to drink more water.

The new update is also interesting for calorie counting fans - HealBe's tracker should now have improved accuracy in tracking smaller meals. Plus there's a new meal history editor in the companion app.

The original FLOW technology, which the hydration tracking relies on, claimed to use the device's accelerometer, piezo pressure sensor and impedance sensor, together with HealBe's algorithms, to work out how many calories you have consumed.

According to HealBe's reports of independent testing, the device currently has a 15% error rate. We've contacted HealBe for more information and will test the GoBe if we are able to.