​How to change Garmin goals: Set workout, activity and weight goals

Turn your Garmin device into a motivator (if goals motivate you)
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Garmin Connect is a brilliant partner to your fitness goals – whatever Garmin watch you use.

It will store and analyse your run data, your activity progress and all aspects of your fitness life. But it can also be a motivator.

If you’re a goal driven person, you can adjust your training in Garmin Connect. If you like having a specific distance, time, pace or type of activity then you can set these up in Garmin Connect.

It’s not obligatory, and if the idea of having to get out and run or cycle miles fills you with dread, then maybe try other factors.

But continue below to find out how to set, edit and review goals in Garmin Connect.

How to set a a workout goal in Garmin Connect

​How to change Garmin goals: Set workout, activity and weight goals

Garmin Connect is a sports platform, so if you’re using it for running, cycling or any of the other key disciplines, you can set goals in Garmin Connect.

To get started, you’re going to need to head to the Garmin Connect web app.

1. Head to connect.garmin.com and sign in
2. Click Goals in the right hand column
3. Choose Create a New Goal
4. Name your goal
5. Choose the type of activity
6. Set the target e.g. distance, time, calories or number of activities
7. Set the goal itself
8. Choose the time scale

Change your step goal in Garmin Connect

​How to change Garmin goals: Set workout, activity and weight goals

If you’re looking to change your step goal as part of your activity tracking, it’s actually a completely different process. If you’re using your Garmin watch or fitness band to simply ensure you’re getting enough activity, here’s how you change things up:

1. Head to the Garmin Connect app
2. Choose settings
3. Go to Garmin devices
4. Choose your activity tracker
5. In the menu choose Activity Tracking
6. Scroll down and you can choose your Daily Steps and Intensity Minutes goals

Change your weight goal in Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect has a weight goal tracker, which is helpfully separate to all the other goals. Weight tracking is done either manually or by hooking your app up to a set of connected scales.

However, you can edit your goal. This will appear on the graph tracking your weight as a constant reminder of where you’re at.

1. Go to the Garmin Connect app
2. Go to Settings
3. Choose Health Stats
4. Tap Weight
5. Tap the menu and choose Add Weight
6. Input your weight and you can edit your goal
7. Start a workout program

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