​How to add GPX routes to your Garmin GPS watch

We explain one of Garmin's lesser known features

Garmin's GPS sports watches offer tonnes of ways to get more from your workouts, but the ability to add and follow routes and courses is a powerful feature that isn't very well publicised.

You can add GPX or TPX routes to your Garmin watch and follow them as you run. It's not possible on all Garmin sports watches, but the Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 5, Fenix 3, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 645 Music, Forerunner 735XT and Forerunner 935 are all capable.

It's a great feature, too. Hikers can use it for long, off-the-beaten-track walks, and it's especially reassuring to follow when the path fades away and you're really off piste. It's not just ramblers that can benefit, either. City runners can also take advantage, mixing up runs made in Strava and adding a variety to workouts, without having to pull out Google Maps every five minutes when you've lost your bearings.

The process is simple when you know how, so follow our guide to get started.

Quick look: How to add GPX routes to your Garmin GPS watch:

1. Download Garmin Basecamp
2. Import the GPX or TCX file into Basecamp
3. Connect Garmin watch
4. Sync your Garmin watch
5. Head to the Navigation settings within a run or cycle workout
6. Choose your route from the list.

How to add GPX routes to your Garmin GPS watch

1. Download Garmin Basecamp

First download Garmin Basecamp from the Garmin website. Basecamp is a little-known piece of Garmin software that's great for those who love the outdoors. Aside from building and importing routes, you can also build full 'adventures', geo-tagging and sorting pictures as well as planning hikes and trips. It's available for PC and Mac.

2. Download or create a GPX file

Next, you'll need to get a GPX or TCX file of your route. Our favourite for building runs is Strava. While it's a little complex at first, it's pretty easy to click out a running route, find popular areas frequented by other runners, and handily, 'flatten' the route to take out any nasty and unexpected hills. Come on, we all deserve a break.

If you're a walker or hiker, maybe try Wander Map – there's absolutely tonnes of services out there.

You can also download GPX files from the web. The site wikiloc.com is a great source of routes with GPX downloads, and in the UK you can grab them from gps-routes.co.uk. There are loads of sites out there besides those.

3. Import the GPX or TCX file into Basecamp

How to add GPX routes to your Garmin GPS watch

In Garmin Basecamp single-click on My Collection and then go to File > Import. Retrieve that GPX file and press Import and it will be listed in the right-hand pane, under My Collection.

4. Connect Garmin watch

Connect your supported Garmin watch. You'll need to have Garmin Express installed to do all the interfacing (ensure you're signed into that with your Garmin Connect credentials) and you'll then see it listed in the top right, under My Garmin Devices.

5. Sync to watch

How to add GPX routes to your Garmin GPS watch

Select your GPX route from the left hand pane with a single click, and then click the UP arrow in the top-left-hand corner. A new window will appear, and you choose your Garmin device from the list. Press Sync and it will be pushed to your watch.

6. Start run

Now it's time to start your session. The following applies to the Fenix 5 but should be similar for all Garmin watches.

First, start an activity – can be running, hiking, cycling; as long as it's outdoor, it can pretty much be anything. When the activity starts, press the menu button.

Scroll down to Navigation > Courses. Your GPX course should appear within the list. Press Select and you can then access a bunch of information.

You can check elevation, look at the route, start a TracBack (navigate to the start). You can also simply hit Do Course to start following the route. Just keep the arrow over the mapped line to stay on the right track.

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