​Garmin launches huge updates for Forerunner 245, 745 and 945 watches

Sleep, stress, VO2 Max and new sports modes
​Garmin launches huge sports watch update
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Garmin has rolled out a huge bunch of new features, fixes and improvements for its Forerunner 245, 745 and 945 sports watches.

After launching the Garmin Enduro and Venu 2 with plenty of improvements to the platform, Garmin has wasted no time in getting those features out to its core sports watch line up.

New sleep tracking has been rolled out, which uses (Garmin owned) Firstbeat algorithms to analyse sleep patterns, stages and produce a sleep score.

We’ve been using it as part of the Venu 2 review, and it’s a much-improved over the previous sleep tracking tech.

We found the sleep duration and stages to be much more accurate, and it’s a lot more sensitive to restlessness.

Trail runners now get the trail VO2 Max feature which was introduced on the Garmin Enduro, which takes into account slower running pace when out on the hills.

And the ultra-running profile has now been added to those devices, which adds tracking of rest stops.

The Body Battery feature has also been improved – which uses the heart rate monitor to estimate energy levels. This has historically been too easy to get 100/100, but now is much more responsive to sleep quality and exertion. This makes it better suited for athletes looking for insights on readiness.

And the same goes for stress tracking, which is now a lot more sensitive. Again, we’ve been spending plenty of time with Garmin’s improved stress tracking on the Venu 2, and have been impressed by how responsive and insightful the data is compared to previous generations.

In addition to these, there’s plenty of bug fixes including determining intensity minutes, and altimeter and power meter accuracy.

This is still beta software, but it can be installed to your Garmin devices. Curiously, the Forerunner 645 seems to have been left out.

You can check the forum for more detailed information on how to get it running. However, we’re sure this will be available as a full over-the-air update very soon.