Garmin ECG approved by FDA – and on the way to watches soon

It could land on Venu 2 Plus and Fenix 7 first
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Update: Garmin has now launched ECG functionality for Venu 2 Plus, and has confirmed that it's the only current smartwatch capable of using the technology. Read our full explainer here.

Garmin has received FDA approval for its electrocardiogram feature – and the new functionality could be on its way to existing devices.

It’s been no secret that Garmin has been looking to add ECG functionality to its watches, with trials taking place as far back as 2021.

Back in early 2022, we also reported that ECG functionality had been found in the diagnostic menus of the Garmin Venu 2 Plus (see below) – even if it wasn’t included on the spec sheet. And there’s also speculation that the Fenix 7 may have the technology inside, too.

> ECG smartwatches explained 

We’re already looking ahead to the launch of the Garmin Venu 3 and a possible Forerunner 265 with an AMOLED display in 2023, so ECG could quickly become a staple of the range.

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So, what do we know so far?

The FDA has listed that Garmin has received clearance for its ECG technology, but there’s no extra detail there just yet.

The obvious assumption is that this will be used for Afib detection, just as we’ve seen on Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Samsung smartwatches.

This would be great – but we’re also hoping that Garmin will use the sensor in other ways.

We’ve seen Coros use the ECG sensor to study heart rate variability, which it uses for readiness. Garmin already has its HRV Status score that’s calculated via the PPG sensor, but if the more accurate ECG sensor could be used to leverage new insights, that would be a huge benefit.

As ever, watch this space.


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