Garmin Connect is down again [updated]

Updated: A month after the the last big outage, users are frustrated
Garmin Connect is down…again
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Update 31/08: It seems that Garmin is now back and firing, so there's been no repeat of the long and frustrating outage from July 2020.

Garmin Connect is down for many users, a month after a big outage was caused by a ransomware attack.

Garmin is trending on Twitter as users take to the platform to complain about being unable to access services. And it's happening alongside similar outages at eBay, Visa and Cloudflare.

At Wareable, we were initially able to access the service, but our services are now offline too.

Many of the complaints on Twitter are from Europe, but like last month, there’s been no word from Gamin.

Users are reporting getting the same “down for maintenance” message as we saw last month.

However, Garmin’s consumer facing pages are still available, so it doesn’t seem to be the same wipeout that left users unable to access services, sync runs or even contact customer support.

And it comes as reports of similar outages at big brands.

In last month's cyber attack the company took days to communicate to users, so it’s understandable that some people are sceptical.

And the timing is spooky too, with the big ransomware attack happening ahead of the weekend, where people are spending more time working out and syncing runs and cycles.

Down Detector shows a surge of reports around 2PM UK, 3PM Central European Time, and while that number has dropped off, there’s evidence of on-going problems.

If you’re frantically trying to sync a run, the only advice we can give is go and have a recovery drink and check back later. The last outage sparked all manner of workarounds, but it’s much easier to just wait for Garmin to get stuff online.

We’ll update if we get word from Garmin, or when there’s evidence the problems are resolved.