Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 images give us a good look at the new fashion watches

Official-looking renders seem to show off Amazfit's next big smartwatch launch
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The Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 look set be the next smartwatches introduced to an already extensive Amazfit family.

After sharing initial images and details about the watches back in July, GSM Arena has managed to get hold of another collection of renders of the two smartwatches, which should once again fall under Amazfit's fashion watch category, promising those smarts in sleek and stylish surroundings.

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These new images do appear to show off follow-ups to the GTS 3 and GTR 3, which launched alongside the pricier GTR 3 Pro last year.

They're shown from all angles displaying band and case color options and the presence of physical buttons and watch crowns. There's also a series of lifestyle images, which might hint at some of the new features we could expect to see. The presence of strength training images might point towards some improved indoor workout tracking support, though it's difficult to see what the watch screens in those images are displaying.

In terms of what we should expect, GSM Arena previously reported that the Amazfit GTS 4 will feature a rectangle, 1.75-inch, 390 x 450 pixel resolution AMOLED touchscreen display. It'll measure in at 9.9mm thick and weigh 27g (case only). Case color options will be black, rose, gold and brown. The Amazfit GTS 3 features the same sized screen, while the GTS 4 dimensions suggest its successor will be thicker and heavier in comparison.


The GTR 4 is the round watch option and is said to feature a 1.43-inch, 466 x 466 pixel resolution AMOLED screen and will come in silver and black case looks. Unlike the GTS, Amazfit includes both a side button and a twisting crown to aid touchscreen interactions. It'll be partnered up with the choice of leather, nylon or silicone straps.

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That would mean a bigger screen than the one packed onto the GTR 3 while the very prominent red mark on the crown might be a hint to a new feature. Or that we could actually be looking at the GTR 4 Pro. Could Amazfit throw an ECG sensor into the mix? Maybe.


In terms of smarts, it seems we can expect these watches to run on Zepp OS just like the GTR and GTS 3, offering access to an app storefront, which has more recently added a few high profile names like GoPro.

There will be a speaker and microphones to support Bluetooth calling and an onboard music player, 150 sports tracking modes, a dual-band mode to improve outdoor tracking accuracy and BioTracker 4.0 optical sensor to offer more accurate heart rate, blood oxygen stress tracking than previous watches.

Battery life for the GTS 4 is said to be 7 days of a single charge while the GTR 3 will deliver 12 days in comparison, so they're likely to offer similar levels of stamina as their predecessors.

The GTR 3 Pro, GTR 3 and GTS 3 launched together in October, so it wouldn't be all that surprising, given the timing of these pretty legit-looking images that these are watches that are going to land before the end of the year.

The question now is how Amazfit is going to make its smartwatches more competitive. As we mentioned in our Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review, it's a smartwatch platform that's getting a lot of things right, especially on the design front, but it still needs to make improvements with the overall software experience and the fitness and wellness tracking in particular.

There's promising signs those improvements are coming as we found testing the Amazfit T-Rex 2, so there's definitely reasons to be optimistic that the GTS 4 and GTR 4 could be impressive smartwatches when they do officially land.

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