Whoop launches new Insights feature – and now the Journal makes sense

Another new Whoop feature drops
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Whoop has launched a new Insights tool, which shows deeper trends in your health data.

The Insights tool has been a huge missing piece in the Whoop puzzle, and it finally attempts to make better sense of the Journal.

The Insights screen shows how particular lifestyle aspects from the Journal have impacted your recovery core.

You can also jump into each factor, see how many times you've logged it, and the average positive or negative effect. You also get some background reading on each behavior, and some general advice on how to improve or mitigate it as a factor.

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Journal with attitude

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The Journal is a core part of the Whoop experience, that asks you to fill out a quick questionnaire about your previous day’s activities, such as whether you consumed alcohol or coffee, were particularly stressed, or experienced COVID-19 symptoms.

If you’ve been busy filling out the journal accurately every morning, then you’ll be likely to see some interesting stats on how your lifestyle affects your recovery in the Insights tab. Head to Coaching and then look for the Insights tab at the top.

If you haven’t been filling out the Journal this is likely to look pretty sparse. The Insights feature only needs five journal entries to start assessing the impact on your body – so it’s worth starting to take the time to fill that data in.

It’s also worth editing the Journal to make it more relevant, which is something we hadn’t taken the time to do before.

If you head to More > Journal > Customize Journal you can dramatically change the stock questions. You can adapt this to incorporate sickness, medications, sex, or pretty much any lifestyle factor you can think of.

Wareable says

Whoop says that not only will the Insights tab reveal the effect of your behaviors on your recovery, but the act of journaling is also a good way of training behavior.

Unsurprisingly, alcohol consumption was marked as one of our biggest factors in poor recovery, with an average decline of 17%. 

That knowledge, and the act of adding it to the journal, Whoop says is a big factor in making positive behavior changes.

And for us, it’s helped us curb a late-night glass of wine at home, thanks to such clear data on how it affects sleep and recovery.

It’s also a fairly unique feature in wearables. But the launch of the Insights finally gives the Journal more meaning – and is another excellent addition to the Whoop ecosystem.

It joins the new Stress Monitor feature, forthcoming muscular strain scores, and a price cut in the subscription price.

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