Lumo Run makes your running shorts just a little bit smarter

Find out if your running stride is affecting your knees with these smart shorts
Lumo Run smart pants on pre-order now
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Lumo Bodytech, the people behind the posture coaching Lift wearable, has unveiled the Lumo Run running shorts.

Keeping track of your cadence, bounce, pelvic rotation, braking, stride length, and ground contact using sensors in the waistband, the shorts send real-time feedback directly to your smartphone that, if you are listening to headphones, will let you know if you need to adjust your gait.

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The biometric sensors track pelvic stability along three different planes to identify whether you are leaning forward or dropping your hips too much, or rotating your pelvis. The shorts also have an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, and vibration monitor. It connects to your smartphone using low-energy Bluetooth.

Poor running posture is traditionally the offender when your knees start hurting.

The Lumo shorts act as a sort of coach to train you to perform better while running. Feedback is sent automatically, but you can also request it by pressing a button that is connected to the sensor, which sits in a tiny pocket along the waistband. The company claims it lasts at least one month on a single battery charge.

The shorts are machine washable and have zipper pockets that are wide enough to fit a smartphone, keys, and other small important things.

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A compatible app available on iOS and Android collects the data and provides information about your performance during your run. It also reminds you to stretch before a run and asks how you feel afterward.

The Lumo Run is available in black as shorts for men and capris for women. Sizes range from extra-small to large. You can preorder them from the company's website for $99 for the shorts or $119 for the capris. Both styles will retail for $50 more in stores. The shorts are expected to ship in Spring of 2016.