Hoolio is an Apple Watch friendly fitness video streaming service

Think Netflix and burn calories with real time fitness data on your smartwatch
Hoolio brings wearables to workout videos
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If you've given up joining a gym or don't fancy layering up to brave the outdoors with your fitness tracker, European startup Hoolio has come up with a solution to get you in shape without leaving the house.


The new streaming service pulls together the best fitness videos on the web along with its own premium video content letting you work out from the comfort from your home.

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Videos can be filtered depending on your mood, current fitness level and whether you have 10 minutes or an hour to burn some calories. If you like to keep things competitive, you can invite friends online to work out together while watching the same workout vid.


There's wearable integration here as well letting you sync an Apple Watch to see live fitness metrics including calories burned and heart rate live on the TV or computer screen. It's also planning to add support for Jawbone fitness trackers and Apple HealthKit compatible heart rate monitors.

Got the workout moves like Scherzinger

To help Hoolio feel more than just a collection of YouTube fitness videos you can queue up yourself. there's a premium subscription option where you'll also get videos created by celebrity trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir who has worked with the likes of Suki Waterhouse and Nicole Scherzinger.


Currently, the Hoolio service is free for UK users only and can be accessed through web browsers. An iOS and Apple TV app is on the way along with social feature support for other web browsers including Safari and Microsoft's Edge browser. You can expect a global roll-out before the end of 2016.

Using wearables for workouts at home is a bit of a trend at the moment. Wahoo recently announced its 7 Minute Workout app for Apple TV with support for the company's Tickr X heart rate monitor to deliver real time fitness data.

If you're sold on Hoolio, you can head over to the its website to sign up.

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