Fitbit App Store success highlights Christmas boom

The top free app for iOS as people set up their new fitness tracker
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If any more proof were needed of Fitbit's wearable tech domination then the huge boom in popularity of its iOS app over the Holidays is it.

According to Quartz, the Fitbit Apple app has hit the top free spot on Christmas Day as an increasing number of users set up their new Charge, Charge HR or Surge.

We at Wareable already had a massive indication that there was a huge growth in people owning Fitbit trackers over the Christmas period. The amount of people looking for Fitbit tips and tricks on the site has increased dramatically over the last few days.

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Back in August, IDC estimated that Apple had captured nearly 20% of the wearable tech market share, trailing Fitbit's 24.3%. However, Fitbit came out all guns blazing during its 2015 Q3 earnings call. It revealed that revenue was up 168% year-on-year and dismissed the Apple Watch as a serious threat to its market share with James Park, Fitbit co-founder, saying the Cupertino smartwatch has "no material impact" on its sales.


Fitbit is estimated to have sold more than 18 million devices in 2015. It has six trackers on sale - from the clip-on Zip, through the Charge duo, to the sporty smartwatch Surge.

Earlier this month, Park hinted that Fitbit fans can look forward to more advanced sensors such as stress and blood pressure monitoring in 2016, as well as more coaching and insights and further fashion partnerships.

What features do you like about your Fitbit tracker and what additions would you like to see? Let us know using the comments below or head over to the Wareable Forum.

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