​Fitbit launches new Sense color – and big designer bands expansion

Big dose of style incoming
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Fitbit has added a new color of Fitbit Sense and launched a massive new range of designer bands.

There’s a few different parts of the announcement – but in terms of hardware, the Fitbit Sense now comes in silver stainless steel for the first time, with a sage grey band.

It comes as the company overhauls its strap and band options for Sense and Versa 3, and that same sage grey band is available to buy separately.

The company has also launched hook/loop style bands for the first time in blue and charcoal colorways.

There’s also a pair of vegan leather bands, and new silicone options too.


The company has also announced a host of new bands in its Designer Collection, in collaboration with Brother Vellies (above), and extended its partnership with Victor Glemaud for a second time.

The Brother Vellies collection for Sense and Versa includes scrunchie style band, but made of Horween leather. They’re designed to mold to your wrist over time. Those bands are available in oak and black for $54.95.

Next is some inclusivity-inspired band options from Victor Glemaud (below), which are back for a second season. They’re made from recycled plastic fibers, designed to be gender neutral and available for a variety of skin tones. These Versa 3 and Sense bands are $39.95 each.


Fitbit has long been attempting to add style to its bands, and has hosted a Designer Collection since 2015 with Tory Burch.

And those attempts have ratchetted up a notch with the introduction of the Fitbit Luxe in 2021, with stainless steel case and addition of an AMOLED display.

We’re currently looking ahead to the Fitbit Charge 5, and leaked images have shown it will also have a huge visual makeover – aping many of the design improvements from the Fitbit Luxe. We’re not sure when that will launch – but we’re expecting it in the coming weeks.

All the new Fitbit bands are available now from Fitbit.com

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