​Fitbit hooks up with Tile to help you find your tracker

Free update could save the pain of a lost Fitbit
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If you've ever mislaid or dropped your Fitbit tracker you'll be pleased to hear the company has teamed up with Tile to help recover lost wearables.

If you haven’t heard of Tile, it’s a product and platform that helps you find lost items. The company's Bluetooth Tile can be attached to things like your keys or wallet, and then you can locate them via the app.

Now users of the Inspire 2 can locate their device using the Tile app, free of charge.

Inspire 2 users will get an over-the-air update which will enable the device to be paired into the Tile app.

Once that’s done, if you misplace your device you can use the Tile app to locate it. It works using Bluetooth to locate the Inspire 2, and you should get a signal immediately if you’re searching inside your house.

If you’re looking outdoors, you’ll need to search until you come into Bluetooth range. However, the Tile app will show your Inspire 2's last known location.

There are some premium features if you take a Tile subscription. The most notable is an alert if you leave your device behind – which could help avoid accidental loss, but is more likely to stop you from getting halfway on a walk and realise you’re not recording any steps. A win/win in our book.

It only applies to the Inspire 2 right now, which does seem a little odd. Perhaps as more updates land for the rest of Fitbit’s stable, the feature will roll out to its smartwatches.

We’ve seen Samsung implement similar features via Samsung SmartThings Find, which it launched for Galaxy Watch 3 and Active 2 via an update.


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