The Coros Pace GPS sports watch is the cheapest it's ever been

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Coros GPS sports watch hits its lowest price
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The Coros Pace triathlon-friendly GPS sports watch has seen its first big discount, taking it down to its lowest ever price from Amazon. Right now, you can save $100 (33%) making it just $199.99 in either black or red finishes.

Amazon: Coros Pace GPS Sports Watch - Save $100
Amazon: Coros Pace GPS Sports Watch - Save $100

The Coros Pace is a versatile GPS sports watch aimed at triathletes, meaning it has the ability to track everything from outdoor and indoor runs, outdoor cycling, and open and pool swimming. That's alongside a dedicated triathlon mode that lets you transition between the three easily.

It otherwise includes all the sensors you would expect, including GPS, BDS and GLONASS, an optical heart rate monitor and support for ANT+ accessories. Coros also promises 25 hours of GPS battery life as well, proving it is no slouch in the stamina department.

In our Coros Pace first look, one reservation we had was the price. It's looking to go up against some well established competition in the running space after all:

"The question with the Pace really comes down to price for me. While first impressions are good, would I recommend this to someone over a Garmin, Polar or Suunto? It's tough to say. Perhaps if Coros came in at a lower price than $299, there might be a stronger argument to say, go for it," we said in our review.

Amazon: Coros Pace GPS Sports Watch - Save $100
Amazon: Coros Pace GPS Sports Watch - Save $100

Handy then, that this substantial discount has come about to make it a much more compelling option. It's not clear how long this big discount will last, so grab one before they're gone.

The Coros Pace GPS running watch is the cheapest it's ever been