Narrative Clip 2 gets 1080p video upgrade ahead of shipping

You can finally get your hands on Narrative's life-logging camera sequel
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The Narrative Clip 2 has hit pre-order, enabling customers to stake their claim to the company's new and improved wearable camera.

The Clip 2, which was unveiled at CES 2015 back in January, features an upgraded 8MP sensor, wireless connectivity and a 90 degree lens.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Narrative Clip 2.

Narrative Clip 2: What's new?


Narrative says that it listened to feedback from the original Narrative Clip community before embarking on the sequel and states the result is a wearable camera that "captures more of the moments that matter to you with a better camera, wider angle lens and adaptable wearing options, so you can find the right angle every time".

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That better camera comes by way of an 8MP sensor (the original had a 5MP one) with an f2.2 aperture that takes 3264 x 2448 images. It is also, now capable of recording video at 1080p.

The 86 degree angle lens is a vast improvement from the 68 degree one originally on offer and the 315mAh battery the Clip 2 boasts is more than double the size of its older brother, and should result in 30 hours of action.

A major addition to the Clip setup is the inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity - making it easier to share and upload your pictures on the go. The Wi-Fi addition, in particular, is very useful as it will automatically back up your images in the cloud whenever it locks on to a network. There's 8GB of storage on board for local saving.

There are also a range of new mounts for the Clip 2, meaning you can attach it to even more places on your person.

Narrative Clip 2: App updates

Narrative is clearly intent on taking on the likes of Instagram with its refreshed Clip app (updated for Android already, iOS tweaks coming soon, we're told).

The new Public Moments timeline view lets you add captions to your images and allows you to share pictures privately with pals, or add them so as the whole community can take a look.

Narrative Clip 2: Price and release date

Available in black, white or red, the Narrative Clip 2 will set you back $199. Pre-orders are running from 18 May until 31 May, but the device isn't expected to ship until September 2015.

Anyone who pre-orders will get a limited edition skin, which will be designed by the winner of an on-going Facebook competition.

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