​Autographer wearable cameras to cease production

OMG Life calls time on the lifelogging snapper
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OMG Life, the company behind the Autographer, is to cease production of its wearable camera, a spokesman for the company has revealed to Wareable.

Autographer was launched back in 2012 as a clip-on camera that used algorithms to attempt to smartly capture footage automatically, creating unique candid shots. The “lifelogging” brand had built up a loyal following of enthusiasts.

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In a statement OMG Life managing director Simon Randall said:

“Solving the underlying technical challenges of the category whilst also developing the market and our commercial operations have been gaining strong traction but stretching our resources.

“We can achieve more for the market by focussing our efforts on creating the enabling technologies for the category and working through large global brand partners to bring future devices and functionality to the market.”

The change in strategy is unexpected, but not altogether surprising.

Autographer struggled on two conflicting fronts: firstly it was too big and secondly it was far too expensive. Shrinking a product is costly, and the volume in lifelogging cameras is too low to enable attractive prices.

Those realities overshadow what was a clever and promising product. OMG Life clearly feels that the clever algorithms used to shoot pictures at the right moment are worth more licensed to the likes of GoPro, Samsung or other brands than in their own camera.

OMG Life has said they will still support existing Autographer users. Watch this space for where the technology ends up.

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