Magic Leap shares a realistic AR teaser video ahead of its moment of reckoning

60 seconds of pure future coming right up
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In augmented reality, there is no bigger mystery than Magic Leap. The $542 million stealth startup released a mind-blowing concept video showcasing its technology back in March. But the footage was put together by special effects wizards Weta so we knew our Magic Leaping might not look quite so polished.

Now, like Microsoft before it with HoloLens, Magic Leap has seen sense and released a video showing what we actually see in AR. Your mind will remain intact by the end of it but it's still impressive. The video, which was debuted at WSJDLive, was "shot directly through Magic Leap" earlier in October and used no "special effects or compositing" according to the caption.

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The sixty second video doesn't show full blown AR gaming and productivity apps like the concept vid but it does show a 3D robot character floating around an office and waving as well as a glowing, moving 3D animation of the solar system which the viewer can see from different angles.

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz also claimed this week that his company is aiming to build an "operating system for reality".

We don't know what kind of wearable tech will be required to use Magic Leap yet though Google is one of its biggest investors and a recent Glass patent has fuelled speculation that Google wants Magic Leap to be a key content partner for its smartglasses.

Still, there's a long list of questions we're asking about Magic Leap: when will it be available and on which platforms? What is the field of view? One tech journalist reports that it's bigger than HoloLens but demos aren't exactly easy to get at the moment. What kind of interactivity will work? And has Magic Leap fully solved the lighting problem that is putting Facebook and Oculus off AR? It might be way into 2016 before we get answers but we're happy to wait.


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