Mad Glass smashes its Kickstarter goal

This Google Glass alternative runs on Android and clips onto your regular glasses
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Google Glass was a bit of an eyesore, let's be honest. Sure, the designer frames that were introduced added a modicum of style but, let's face it, having a noticeable camera-esque block stuck on the side of your specs was never all that appealing.

But that hasn't stopped the Google Glass clone, Mad Glass, from hitting its AU$100,000 target on Kickstarter. The campaign went live in early December and has sailed past its goal with a couple of weeks to spare.

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Unlike Google's effort, which was an all-in-one system, Mad Glass is a clip-on device that attaches to your regular specs. And its makers are pretty bold about what sets it apart from its higher-profile rival.

"Wearable tech glasses were revealed to the market a couple years ago by a big name company and, well, let's just say the product didn't soar," reads the product description.

"So, why even bother with this product? The answer is simple. We can do it better and make it way more affordable. We believe Mad Glass can ease and amplify everyday life. This generation needs a product that uses the world's most advanced technology to not only make lives more convenient, but also enhanced."

We're not sure that puff actually tells us that it does anything unique that Google was missing the mark on. But we do know the system is running Android – so you'll get a smartphone-esque experience in front of your peepers.

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Its makers are promising GPS navigation, social updates, gaming, translation and more. You can browse the web, take pictures, record videos and run third party apps. While at the same time uttering the phrase, "No, it's not Google Glass," over and over again to your less tech-savvy pals.

$389 is the early bird price, so it is actually affordable, and Mad Glass comes in three colours. We would say its crowdfunding success indicates that the appetite for AR smartglasses hasn't gone away but a closer look reveals that just 120 backers have pledged money to Dragon Creative. You've got until 26 January to back the project and shipping is scheduled for September.


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